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Thoughts on Agile (Part 3): the Principles

In my previous post I went over each line of the Agile Manifesto to see if I could find a deeper meaning in the language.

Thoughts on Agile (Part 2): the Manifesto

In my previous post I let off a little steam by talking about some of the things that frustrate me about Agile (or rather, how many people choose to interpret it). To summarize, one of the ways I see Agile positioning itself is as a shift away from the rigidity of older software development styles, such as Waterfall.

Thoughts on Agile (Part 1): Fear and Loathing

Like a lot of software developers and architects, I have been working with Agile for much of my career, and while there are many things I love about it, there have also been times when I have felt like burying the next person within earshot who utters the phrase "that's not Agile".

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