CaJohns Naga Soreass

For my inaugural review, I will be subjecting myself to CaJohns Naga Soreass from Hot-Headz.

CaJohns Naga SoreassLike most extra hot sauces on the market, the Naga Soreass doesn't just aim for heat but also works hard to please the chili pepper aficionado. It packs in a generous proportion of Red Savina and Naga Jolokia, with a goodly amount of tomato, vinegar, onion, garlic and seasoning. The result a fruity, thick concoction not dissimilar to a salsa with plenty of chunky texture.

The flavour is well balanced and doesn't overwhelm with too much acid or sugar; starting with a sharp tartness and rounding off with a mellow punch of chili pepper that envelopes your throat and makes you just want more. Unfortunately, the heat is not up to what you might expect: it claims to tip the scale at 350K SHU but I would estimate it perhaps more around 250K to 300K SHU. Similarly, both the fire and the flavour fade a little too quickly for my liking (when a sauce like this threatens to tear me a new oesophagus I expect the burn to last pretty much until morning). Plus, at £5.99 for 148ml, it's slightly more expensive than other sauces of the same intensity.

The upside is that this is a rich and characterful sauce, with enough bite to tempt any fans of real heat and also appeal to the more adventurous chilihead apprentice. For a nice touch, consider mixing it with a corn chip salsa alongside a ramekin of sour cream and chives.


  • Excellent flavour and balance
  • Well rounded and fruity
  • Highly versatile as a sauce or cooking ingredient


  • Slightly disappointing heat
  • Both heat and flavour fade a little too quickly
  • Needs to come in a bigger bottle (I finished mine in less than a week)
  • I'm a family man and the label scared my kid