These are (in no particular order) the harmonica resources that I have found most useful when teaching myself to play:

  • Jon Gindick: a good online resource and some decent books available too
  • Harmonica Lessons: the most comprehensive online resource that I know
  • David Harp references - my favourite author for beginners:
    • "Blues & Rock Harp Positions Made Easy" (ISBN: 0918321832): an excellent book for explaining the principle of harmonica positions at a great price
    • "Bending The Blues" (ISBN: 0918321115): another excellent book at a great price; this one helps you learn note bending - perhaps the most important harmonica technique
  • David Barrett references: my favourite author for intermediate and advanced. This is perhaps the most comprehensive source of written and recorded material available to the self-teaching harmonica player
  • Adam Gussow references - a wonderful teacher, scholar, performer and all-round nice guy, Prof. Gussow provides many tutorials and tips for free, as well as high-quality paid resources:
  • The Harp Handbook (ISBN: 0711949190) by Steve Baker: often touted as "the harmonica player's bible", and with good reason
  • Lee Oskar: my favourite harmonicas; smooth, sturdy, comfortable, modular and well-priced with great tone